Hi,I am collecting information for an art project about how we’ve lived during this time of global confinement. If you would like to participate I would be very grateful. I plan to create this project from contributions from around the globe, and it will be a relevant and interesting documentation of how we spent this time.

Participation is totally anonymous and you do not have to provide any personal data.

If you are interested in participating these are the instructions:

Make a small floor-plan or sketch of the place where you have spent your period  of confinement — your apartment, your home, your room, or what best represents your space. It doesn’t have to be perfect or have straight lines; any color is okay. You don’t have to draw the furniture either, the simpler the better. I have attached an example below. You may draw on any surface that is handy, in whatever medium, as long as you are able send your image.

IMPORTANT: The drawing must be done from memory. What does a floor-plan of your space look like in your mind/memory?

Here is an example of a basic floor-plan:

Habitat Project

Proyecto Hábitat

Here you will be asked to attach your picture (Maximum Size 5mb) and the name of the place (city, town etc.)


Once again thank you.

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