My practice is focused on the relationships we have with the spaces we inhabit. I am inspired by the play between private and public spaces, and the experiences within these spaces that are very personal and at the same time universal. With my work, I want to create an engagement which crosses these spheres of what we consider individual and common, and use interactivity as a means of breaking this boundary. To this purpose, I utilize the languages of architecture, cartography, and ephemeral elements such as light and time.

Each body of work is a line of research into this topic, offering a new perspective and vision on the subject of inhabited spaces. Much of my work is interactive, allowing my viewer to adopt his or her own individual approach to the work.

Lucas Martínez Graullera


Galeria Vangar

+34 676 305 222
+34 962 024 200
Calle Císcar 57, 46005 Valencia, Spain

You can also contact me by:

+34 656 33 17 52

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